Organic Milk n Homemade dairy products

Before discussing about organic milk, I would like to share my experience which probably many Möms out there could relate to…

After 3hrs of labour pain n a normal delivery experience, today if someone ask me what was the most toughest part of motherhood?

I would say it is brestfeeding. Though the labour pain was unbearable, it was a one time one, but this feeding was like every 2hrs day n night. This natural process was supposed to be painless in most cases but there may be exceptions and to my dismay I had experienced most of it…

I still recall the day, I was just out of the operation theatre back to the labour room with all mixed feelings of shock, relief n bliss ,,, I was trying to relax lying on the bed… Then the nurse came n placed my LO beside me n asked to feed… I was like what? How? All through my pregnancy I was very much prepared – I did read a lot of pregnancy books 📚, took a very clean diet 🍊🍌🍉, did special yoga that would help normal delivery, even did shopping for the baby 👶 n packed 1 bag 💼 for the baby n 1 bag 💼 for me during my 8th month, watched videos n learnt – how to bath a baby… but never did I think about this feeding! I presumed it not to be a big deal.. Ok now when the time actually came, probably I did it all wrong n my LO was in a hurry… I ended up with soreness n cracks… Every 2 hrs when I had to feed I was literally crying 😭 out of pain! The next day a nurse from lactation department came up to help me out – told me a lot about the science behind breastfeeding, how important it is for the baby’s health n Möm’s health.. I made a strong decision that I will do my very best to feed my LO. Me n my hubby did a lot of googling n bought an electricity pump n a feeding pillow (this was my accessory for a year 😊, I took it everywhere we went to!) which did help out… As days passed after about a month or so me n my LO both mastered this art and lived happily ever after…

But during that pain my thoughts strangely went out to the cow 🐮… I literally was feeling soo sorry 😐 for it! I am from a land were cows are worshipped and are considered holy n I truely understood why

What deeply bothered 😕 me were these:

  • Regular use of steroids, female hormones, antibiotics in cow 🐮 treatment…
  • Unlike letting the calf feed first and then milking, calf being separated from the cow immediately after birth… How cruel is this!
  • Unhygienic n poor treatment…
  • Lack of fresh grass n food n place to move around…

Read this n friends who are abroad read this article if you wanna know more about these unethical practices… However this article clearly explains of what sort of milk/dairy is good!

A generation back we never had these problems, atleast in India 🇮🇳. I believe all this started with privatisation n westernisation of dairyfarms. People have become greedy n lost their values n adulteration of Milk has become a common practice!

I was in search of organic milk where all these unethical practices are not followed n I did find almost a closer one… I very much like and am satisfied with the quality of their milk n their policies but am not very satisfied buying them in plastic packets though … I’ve spoken to them n asked for bottle supply n they said they r working on it n am still waiting … N also they are not the desi cows that I was looking for… But it’s ok as they say something s better than nothing… I recently came to know about this desi A2 milk company that supplies milk to few localities in Bangalore, interested folks check this out.

Over exploitation of any resource is not a good idea! Use it wisely n don’t ever waste it… We a house 🏡 of 3 consume 1 n 1/2 ltr of milk/dairy products on an average per day … this includes all our dairy needs I make our curd/yogurt  (I wonder why ppl buy this?!), butter (for cookies 🍪 n cakes 🎂) , ghee (for all the tadka), cottage cheese/paneer (for few dishes),skimmed milkwhipped cream n condensed milk (for ice creams 🍦n few desserts) from it…

Since I don’t buy n make all these dairy products I can be 100% sure of their purity n am avoiding all the packaging involved in buying those products (less plasticless carbon footprint) n the most important one is I am able to make more healthy choices – I’ll tell you how- for instance, I can make cookies n cakes only twice a month coz I can collect the required butter only twice a month… Every house 🏡 is different n so you need to figure out what works best for you…

I am sharing all these DIYs, they are all very easy to prepare n nothing bought can beat the taste of the homemade ones! Am sure most of you are already aware but for those who are not please to check it out. Click on the below links for the recipe…

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P.S: Being Vegan is a bold and appreciative decision. Kudos 👍 to all the Vegans out there!

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Hello! For all those who are new to the group or don't know me, a little intro about myself - I am Swetha Reddem, have a 4+ years old naughty boy and another one 30+ (my husband 😊) . And about my likes I love ❤️ doing yoga - nothing feels more relaxing that that, n swimming 🏊‍♀️ n photography 📸 n playing with my kid. Am a nature lover 🌴 and would try my best not to harm it and a vegetarian 👩‍🌾 by choice from since almost a decade. Am a DIYer - I do prepare almost all my family 👪 n home 🏡needs from organic grooming n beauty products 👄👁👣💆 to home cleaners and food 🍲🍨🍧🥗🍦🍰🍪🥞🍕🍹 . I would love to share the recipes and my thoughts with you all! I am greatly inspired by the zero waste, minimalistic & eco friendly lifestyle! My goal is to inspire at least a few to lead a eco friendly lifestyle!!!

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