diy almond n castor oil kohl or kajal Ayurvedic homemade organic recipe

DIY all-natural organic almond n castor oil kajal / khol / eye liner

Hi friends eyes are the most important feature that can make you look glamorous ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿป… When it comes to eye makeup, kajal or kohl is the most important product. But what is a commercial kajal, eye liner n mascara made up of??? ๐Ÿ“ข Check this out to know the ingredients n the harm they might cause to your eyes!

I have already tried the almond kholย and mascara, which I have been using from many months now, the mascara is just perfect but I wasn’t fully satisfied with the Kajal outcome, though the colour was perfect black it had some not so fine particles that would cause a little discomfort to the eye when applied. After lots of attempts I finally got the perfect Kajal done in a very authentic Indian Ayurvedic way!

What is required to prepare Khol powder:

  • Earthen / bronze diya/deepam
  • A cotton wick
  • Lots of castor oil to burn the lamp
  • Lots of almonds to burn
  • A sheep edge knife or long needle to hold almond
  • A copper plate
  • 2 tumbles for support

How to prepare Khol powder / soot:

  • Fill pure castor oil in the earthen / bronze diya/deepam. Place thick cotton wicks, pour castor oil & light the diya.

  • By using two tumblers, support the copper plate on top of the diya. The plate should be high enough to not completely put off the diya light and close enough for the lamp fire to deposit the black soot!

diy almond n castor oil kohl or kajal burning diya

  • If you lie down and observe you can see the fire touching the copper plate making it black.
  • Gently insert a long metal knife / needle into an almond and light the almond in the diya under the plate, allowing the smoke touching the base of the plate. After the almond stops burning, follow the same procedure with the other almonds. <*Collect those burnt almonds as it can be used to prepare mascara.>

diy almond n castor oil kohl or kajal burning almond

  • Let the dark soot be collected on the base of the plate. Remember, the more the castor oil & almonds you burn, the more soot you get. Wait until the entire oil is exhausted, it will take several hours โฑ…
  • The black soot collected is your kohl. Scrape ย with a knife & collect using a spoon into a mini glass jar.

diy almond n castor oil kohl or kajal collecting soot

  • This Khol powder is damn fine, the particles are extremely minute and is an perfect ingredient for preparing kajal!

diy almond n castor oil kohl or kajal Ayurvedic soot

Ingredients for Kajal:

Why is castor oil good for eye?

  • Burning sensation, redness, pink-eye occuring around the eyelids are some examples of eye aliments associated with inflammtory and infective bacteria. Castor oil is the number one home remedy to cure inflamed eyes.
  • Cures dry eyes – lack of lubrication in the eyes is the major cause of this condition. Signs that indicate you have dry eyes include blurred vision at night, after working on the computer or eye pain after waking up in the morning.
  • One amazing benefit of castor oil is to dissolve cataracts early before it progresses to late stages.

How to prepare Kajal:

  • In a double boiler melt the beeswax.
  • Switch off the flame & add khol and castor oil, stir and pour into a mini jar like this.
  • Allow to cool and the perfect Kajal is ready!

diy almond n castor oil kohl or kajal Ayurvedic homemade organic recipe

How to use:

  • Using a eye liner brush like this or your pointer finger smooth a little Kajal & apply along the eye waterline.

  • Smudge with a eye smudger like this or your pointer finger.

  • This can also be used as eye liner, eye brow liner, eye shadow or can be used to create a smokey eye effect.
  • Also can be used as nazar ka tika / dishti chukka (in telugu) for babies ๐Ÿ‘ถ. Few traditions in India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ believe, applying a small black dot on babies face will protect from evil eyes ๐Ÿ‘€…

I am in love with this Kajal and am using it daily. This is completely safe and can be even be used for kids or anyone as all the ingredients used are all-natural, 100% pure & organic ones. And the shelf life of all the ingredients used is soo long that it should last easily for a year or more.

I will sell very limited editions of kajal on my facebook buy sell group – eco friendly ma. Interested folks do join the group! For friends abroad do check if your products are safe in EGW skin deep database or download their app Healthy Living.

diy almond n castor oil kajal n mascara Ayurvedic homemade organic recipe

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