Organic Milk n Homemade dairy products

Before discussing about organic milk, I would like to share my experience which probably many Möms out there could relate to…

After 3hrs of labour pain n a normal delivery experience, today if someone ask me what was the most toughest part of motherhood?

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DIY nutritious vegetable pulao

Many of u might think the title is contradictory, pulao n nutritious??? Yes this is – I’ve used just 1tsp of ghee, coconut milk, carrot n beetroot juice, spinach juice n loads of veggies- convinced? N it tastes real good!

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DIY organic coconut cookies 🍪 

Hello friends! I have been a great fan of the conventional coconut cookies bought from the bakery… But after knowing the creepy ingredients used in them (preservatives, artificial colours, flavours n fats) I ve just stopped buying them.. As a Möm I just cannot take chances with my LO’s 👩‍👦health at the same time I don’t want him to feel deprived of the sweet treat! So I started learning n doing it myself… That’s the main intention behind all these experiments… I do wanna share the best👌recipes among them with as many Möms as possible (sry am not being biased, Dads too…) N one such superb recipe is this organic coconut 🌴 cookies 🍪!

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DIY organic vanilla sponge cake or muffin

I have experimented with many sponge cake recipes and this has been the best of all… If you never had luck with baking a cake, look no further than this recipe! I use this as my base recipe and prepared endless variations by preparing different shapes (cakes / muffins / cupcakes), adding different flavours (vanilla pod / grated lemon 🍋 zest / orange 🍊 zest), adding different nuts (almonds/ walnuts / pecan nuts / hazel nuts) and dry fruits (blueberries/ raisins / dates / figs / cherries 🍒)…

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DIY all-natural super-moisturising exotic body butter / lotion bars

Hello friends! With winter ☃️ around skin tends to loose its moisture and becomes dry… U would need a moisturiser that is super-moisturising and long-lasting one than the whipped body butter (I have already shared this recipe here). These lotion bars are smooth like butter and when placed on the body and rubbed on the skin, it melts a little for the body’s heat and a thin layer gets applied.

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DIY bio-degradable laundry detergent

Hello friends! Did you even know that home cleaning products are often a major source of indoor air pollution! We buy them with the intension of keeping our homes healthier and safer but many of the chemicals found in conventional cleaning products have health implications like headaches, skin sensitivity & increased risk of cancer.

How harmfull are these for the environment? Have you ever questioned your self about it? Specially if you are in Bangalore, did you notice the toxic snowy foam in Varthur lake and 9,000-acre Belandur lake (if not plz c n read this and this)… Majority of this is domestic waste! We can keep on blaming the government for not treating the sewage, mixing them in the lakes n for not cleaning it up but what’s our part? Aren’t we polluting the environment while cleaning our homes and ourselves! And even if you are not bothered or concerned about it, don’t you think the ground water will get affected, the same water that you will be using!

Luckily there are eco friendly alternatives that are both safe to you and the environment. And these are pocket friendly too! What is it?

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