Homemade organic vanilla ice cream 🍦 

I am trying to remember 🤔 if I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t like ice cream 🍦… Guess I haven’t 🤷‍♀️. Well this is got to be favourite dessert among most of kids n adults… My favourite brand used to BR until I tasted this… I am not exaggerating friends, seriously – make n taste it for yourself! I am sharing the basic vanilla ice cream recipe, however using this as base recipe you can create endless flavours n variations!

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DIY all-natural almond kohl / kajal

Eyes are the most important feature that can make you look glamorous 👁👩🏻…  When it comes to eye makeup, kajal or kohl is the most important product. But what is a commercial kajal, eye liner n mascara made up of??? 📢 Check this out to know the ingredients n the harm they might cause to your eyes!

A safer all-natural khol can easily be prepared with just two ingredients. This is my first trial recipe of kajal.

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DIY seasame n jaggery health bombs

Did u know that quarter cup of raw organic unhulled sesame seeds has 351 mg of calcium while one cup of whole milk has only 291 mg of calcium??? Not only calcium unhulled seasame seeds are full of magnesium, copper, vitamin B1, zinc and dietary fiber… Well if your LO doesn’t drink milk, you needn’t worry… Give them this health bomb 😊! It’s extremely healthy, tastes yum 😋 n is damn easy to prepare – takes 15 mins…

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Homemade organic skimmed milk n whipped cream 

Chilled organic skim / skimmed milk can be used to prepare milk shakes 🥛n smoothies 🍸 and whipped cream can be used for making whipped topping for cakes 🎂 and other desserts n used as an ingredient to prepare homemade ice creams 🍦! They are effortless to prepare…

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