Homemade wholesome french toast

French toast is sure to be liked by most of the kids and adults too. If I’ve not planned anything for breakfast then this is my saviour 😉. It takes just 15mins to prepare and since we use wholesome ingredients it’s a very healthy breakfast option.

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Homemade organic chocolate brownie 

Chocolate brownie is my favourite dessert  – particularly hot chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream 🍨… I always have used this recipe with whole wheat 🌾 flour and honey 🍯 to make brownies.

However this time I have tried a more healthy version in which I’ve not used sugar and used dark chocolate 🍫- this would result in a dark chocolate brownie which s less sweet and more chocolatey.

N another in which I’ve added little organic sugar and I’ve used milk chocolate instead of dark n this would taste real yum. 😋 like the brownie from the bakery. U can prepare plain or add hazel nuts / walnuts / almonds..

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DIY whole wheat 🌾 n jaggery crispy veg cookies 🍪 

Whole wheat 🌾 flour  is rich in dietary fiber and manganese, and magnesium.

All-purpose flour / maida is wheat that has been processed into 60% extraction i.e 40% of the original wheat grain is removed, and only 60% is left. Unfortunately, the 40% that gets removed includes the bran and the germ of the wheat grain—it’s most nutrient-rich parts! Over half of the vitamin B1, B2, B3, E, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, and fiber are lost!

In addition to that they are further bleached using harmful chemicals that are hazardous to health. Check this n this articles to find out more details…

So friends when you have a choice, do opt for whole wheat 🌾 over all-purpose flour but if you have to use all-purpose flour do choose unbleached one!

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