Surya 🌞 namaskara 🙏

Being immensely radiant and a life giving force on earth, the Sun ☀️ is the representation of the invisible supreme power that nurtures and sustains the universe. Surya namaskara is sun ☀️ salutation 🙏 , it combines yogasanas and pranayama. It is best done during sunrise or sunset time, facing the sun. It is to be done after Śithilīkarana Vyayama and before Yogāsanas. Prayer to be recited before Surya namaskara:

Hiranmayena patrena satyasyapihitam mukham |

Tatvam pusanna parvenu satyadharmaya drstaye ||

Meaning: Like a lid to a vessel, O Sun! Your older orb covers the entrance to Truth. Kindly open the same & lead us to Truth.

There are 12 āsanas in one round of Surya namaskara each to be done with breathing patterns as instructed. Each round of Surya namaskara is done after utterance of

Om <Bīja mantra> <Corresponding name of Sun God> Namah in the following sequence, the meaning is given just for your reference:

  1. Om Hrām Mitrāya Namah <Salutations to the friend of all>
  2. Om Hrīm Ravaye Namah <Salutations to one who shines>
  3. Om Hrūm Sūryāya Namah <Salutations to one who induces activity>
  4. Om Hraim Bhānave Namah <Salutations to one who illuminates>
  5. Om Hraum Khagāya Namah <Salutations to one who moves quickly> 
  6. Om Hrah Pūsne Namah  <Salutations to one who gives strength>
  7. Om Hrām Hiranyagarbhāya Namah <Salutations to golden cosmic self>
  8. Om Hrīm Maricaye Namah <Salutations to Lord of dawn>
  9. Om Hrūm Ādityāya Namah <Salutations to son of Aditi>
  10. Om Hraim Savitre Namah <Salutations to stimulating power>
  11. Om Hraum Arkāya Namah <Salutations to one who fits to be praised>
  12. Om Hrah Bhāskarāya Namah <Salutations to one who leads to enlightenment> 

Mantra is a combination of sound designed to produce specific effect on mind and its function. Bija mantras or seed syllables are an evocative sounds that have no literal meaning in themselves, but setup powerful vibrations of energy within the mind and body thereby influencing and stimulating certain nerve centres in the brain that corresponds to respiratory, circulatory & digestive systems and make them more active, efficient & healthy.

1 round of Suryanamaskara: Initial pose to start with – Pranamasana

  1. Hasthautthānāsana
  2. Pādahastāsana
  3. Aśvasañcālanāsana
  4. Chaturanga Dandāsana
  5. Śaśankāsana
  6. Astānga Namaskāra
  7. Bhujangāsana
  8. Parvatāsana
  9. Śaśankāsana
  10. Aśvasañcālanāsana
  11. Pādahastāsana
  12. Hasthautthānāsana

Come back to Pranamasana.


  • It strengthens the back and helps balance the metabolism.
  • It stimulates and balances all the systems of the body, including reproductive, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems.
  • Helps reduces visceral fat (intra-abdominal, deep fat wrapped around major organs – liver, pancreas & kidneys), if any.
  • Brings flexibility to spine & limbs.
  • Enable practitioners to breathe right. Synchronizing the breath with physical movements of surya namaskar ensures the practitioner, at least for a few minutes daily, breaths as deeply and rhythmically as possible, increasing mental clarity by bringing fresh, oxygenated blood to brain.
  • Its influence on endocrine glands helps to balance the transition period between childhood and adolescence in growing children.
  • Additionally when done outdoors facing the Sun ☀️ , the life giving rays plays on the body – sucking away toxins & imparting life to human organism. Also we get our daily dose of Vitamin D.


  • The practice of SN should be immediately discontinued if a fever, acute inflammation, boils or rashes occur due to excess toxins in the body. When the toxins have been eliminated, the practice may be resumed.
  • SN included semi-inverted postures hence people suffering from high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, or those who have had a stroke, hernia or intestinal tuberculosis should avoid practicing.
  • Also those with back conditions – slipped discs, sciatica should avoid practicing.
  • During onset of menstruation and during pregnancy avoid practicing.
  • Following childbirth, the practice may be commenced approx. 40 days after delivery.

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